Gutter Cleaning Service

We offer service contracts where we thoroughly clean and flush the gutter system with a free maintenance inspection twice, three or four times a year.The customer receives a discount. No repairs will be made without the homeowners’ authorization.
Once you have scheduled the service with us we will send a three-man professional team to your home that will work from the roof with a rope and harness system so as not to dent your gutters with ladders. From the roof, they will clean 100% of the debris off of your roof and out of your gutters.They will also check each downspout to make sure that they are all free flowing.All of the debris that will inevitably fall out of your gutters and onto your bushes and walkways below will be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned, including blowing off all of your walkways, patios, and your driveway to the curb, so that you literally won’t have to lift a finger after us.Regular gutter cleaning prevents build-up of mosquitoes and related health concerns.
Contact:  Unique Cleaning Services for all your Gutter, Fascia & Soffit Cleaning cleaning requirements throughout Athlone & County Westmeath.

Top Reasons People Choose Unique Cleaning Services

People choose UNIQUE because they want a house cleaning company that

  • We believe in reliability, high quality, affordable and top services.
  • Learns your needs quickly
  • Has established standard house cleaning procedures
  • Uses tested and proven methods
  • Eco – Friendly products ( Environment Friendly)
  • Complies with federal, state and local labour and tax laws and carries adequate insurance
  • Has established standard house cleaning procedures
  • Takes pride in customer service
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