Mobile Car Valet Service

When your car requires just that little bit extra attention to make it sparkle we are here to cater for your needs.

We offer a huge range of Mobile Car Valeting Services. Some of the more popular Valets are listed below. Please contact us if there is a service you would like which is not listed here.

Standard Valet: €85.00

We recommend this Valet to protect and maintain the appearance of your vehicle on a regular basis as part of a care plan service.
All vents, dials, seat rails, dusted & vacuumed
Wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner
Tyres dressed
Trims treated with protective gel
Door shuts cleaned
Interior vacuumed including boot area
All interior plastics cleaned
Floor mats cleaned
Glass cleaned throughout
Interior fragranced .endlist

Deluxe Ext: €85.00

This Valet pays more attention to the exterior of your vehicle, includes all of the above services plus lower half of vehicle de-tarred and paintwork hand polished.

Deluxe Int: €85.00

This Valet also includes our standard valet – paying more attention to the interior of the vehicle – with full interior shampoo to carpets & upholstery including boot area.

Full Valet: €120.00

Our full works valet which pays high attention to detail on both interior and exterior bringing your car back to showroom condition.

  • Interior vacuumed including boot area
  • Carpets & upholstery pre-treated with enzyme neutralizer
  • Full interior shampoo deep cleaning all carpets & upholstery
  • Headlining cleaned where required
  • All interior plastics cleaned
  • Door cards cleaned
  • All vents, dials, seat rails, dusted & vacuumed
  • Floor mats cleaned
  • Interior fragranced
  • Wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Exterior hand washed
  • Dried with microfibre drying towels
  • Paintwork de-tarred to remove bonded on tar spots
  • Hand polish applied to paintwork
  • Removed with microfibre towels cleaning & restoring excellent shine
  • Glass cleaned throughout
  • Trims treated with protective gel
  • Tyres & arches dressed
  • Tail pipes/chrome polished

Superior Valet: €140.00

For the customer who requires only the very best in shine, protection, & durability
Our most in depth excellent value for money valet which we guarantee will leave your vehicle in stunning condition with maximum protection to your paintwork for up to 6 months.
Includes our full valet plus:

  • Paint cleanser, sealant applied to paintwork
  • Preparing the surface for tough durable wax to be applied
  • Unbeatable tough durable wax applied to paintwork & left to cure
  • Removed with microfiber towels leaving a stunning wet look shine
  • Alloy Wheels treated with specialist wheel sealant
  • Exterior Glass polished
  • Tail pipes / chrome polished

Full Interior Valet: from €90.00
Full Exterior Valet: from €90.00

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